As a result of some recent upgrades to the Epic Rewards program, your Epic Rewards password has been reset to your phone number (without dashes, spaces, or parentheses, e.g. 3861129872). If you are still unable to log in using your phone number as your password, please use the Forgot Password link above to reset your password.

Epic Entertainment Card

Register your card today to view your point balance and current rewards! Only Epic Rewards are large and yes, they are refillable!

  • 40 Points: Free Large Popcorn
  • 80 Points: Free Large Drink
  • 120 Points: 1 Free Ticket
  • 160 Points: Free Large Popcorn
  • 200 Points: Free Large Drink
  • 240 Points: 1 Free Ticket
  • 280 Points: Free Large Popcorn
  • 320 Points: Free Large Drink
  • 360 Points: 1 Free Ticket
  • 400 Points: Free Large Popcorn
  • 440 Points: Free Large Drink
  • 480 Points: Epic Night at the Movies (Free Large Drink, Free Large Popcorn, 1 Free Ticket)
  • (One point for every dollar spent on tickets and concession up to 12 points per card, per day. Points earn rewards in 40 point increments. Points always accumulate. Rewards will remain until redeemed. Free tickets may be limited by film company policies to after the second week of a movie's release. Epic Entertainment cards must be presented before ordering to receive points or to redeem rewards. We reserve the right to cancel this reward program and/or change the reward program at any time Rewards expire two years after the date earned)